What People are Saying

The Kids Karate Workbook grew out of what was originally conceived as a handbook for a single martial arts association. As Linda and I got to work on CN-coverThe Cuong Nhu Training Manual for Kids and Their Parents, I began thinking about all my experiences in other martial arts, and the conversations I’d had over the years with colleagues teaching different arts to children.

“The book is terrific! This children’s curriculum is not just for kids. The explanations provide insight for the young beginning student as well as the seasoned practitioner. I gave a copy to all of the instructors in our school to give them another resource for improving their lessons.”
Dan Flagler, PhD, professor and biomedical systems engineer
Head Instructor, Nei Ching Center, Miami, FL

I remembered learning lower block, middle block, rising block, and basic kicks—first in one taekwondo school, then in a karate school, then another taekwondo club, and still another (this time with a different affiliation), and finally in Cuong Nhu. There were some differences among schools and teachers—and those must be respected—but the similarities were far more striking 😮 (pun intended). And even where there were distinct differences in technique, the mistakes students were making in practice were very much the same: bent wrists, loose fists, poor posture, lack of focus, inattention to detail.

It occurred to me our Cuong Nhu training manual for kids was really a Karate and Taekwondo training manual for kids. When North Atlantic/Blue Snake agreed to take on the project, Linda and I got the kids and the camera back into the dojo, expanded and reorganized our material, and made it into a more inclusive book we hope many, many students will find both entertaining and useful.

Here’s more of what people are saying about the Cuong Nhu Training Manual for Kids and Their Parents:

“I read the book cover to cover on the plane ride home. Fantastic work. It explains many things that ‘advanced’ students tend to forget. Any student, child or adult, can learn from it. My favorite part was the sidebar on tips for working with a partner.”
Steve Jenkins, Technology CEO and martial arts student, Seattle, WA

“The sales of the book are going great at the dojo. I sold a half-dozen copies right away, and have a list going for people who want me to hold one for them. The children are coming up to buy it because they know it is written specially for them. One boy used hs own allowance, because he so much wanted to be able to tie his belt by himself. I personally will keep a copy of it at the dojo as a reference book. I like how it bridges the gap between the instructor, the parent and the child.”
Ricki J. Kay, Head Instructor
Fairwood Martial Arts, Renton, WA

“We just received 5 copies of the book. We think they are great. I teach college age students, and sometimes they act like children. The manual points out things I’ve been trying to get through to them. The pictures give great examples of what to do and not to do.”
Donald Williams, Architect
Head Instructor, Kim Hiep Si Dojo, Orlando, FL

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