Where to Get the Books

The Cuong Nhu Training Manual for Kids (and their parents) is a limited edition book available from instructors who ordered copies upon publication. There are, however, a few copies still available from the author. If you can’t get one from your instructor, please contact the author by email, didi@kidskaratebook.com.

The author also has copies of The Kids’ Karate Workbook available for Oakland-area residents. If you’re not near Oakland, you can order the book from your favorite local bookseller. You can also order it from Amazon…

Click here to buy from Amazon

…or from Powell’s:

2 Comments on “Where to Get the Books”

  1. Look very interesting..a excellent resource for instructors.


    Michael Dickson
    Zen Martial Arts – Australia

  2. Geo Says:

    Will you publish this in Kindle or Ebook format. Thanks.


    Geo Castaneda
    United Taekwondo Australia

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