Eleven Martial Arts WordSearch Puzzles

Now and then I check the blog to see what searches people are using to find this site. What words do you think bring the most viewers to the blog?

Karate? No. Self-defense? No. Bullying? Nope. Teaching martial arts to kids? – Nuh-uh. The search that comes up more than anything else is “WordSearch Puzzles.”

I guess the world has a hunger for WordSearch.

So here’s my modest little holiday gift to all of you: I’ve collected eleven martial-arts-related WordSearch puzzles and one bonus word game into a single PDF file you can download and print as often as you like. Just click here.

The file contains both of the puzzles that were posted earlier on this blog (along with their links to some good puzzle-making sites); the five puzzles from The Cuong Nhu Training Manual for Kids (and Their Parents); and four new puzzles created especially for this occasion:

Taekwondo-Karate-KungFu, which compares some Korean, Japanese and Chinese martial arts terminology;
The Five P’s of an Achiever;
The Five D’s of a Winner;
and The Ten Don’ts of Sparring.

The new puzzles include some martial arts philosophy, and the bonus puzzle explores my favorite martial arts concept: Respect.

Once again, here’s the link for downloading the file. Happy puzzling, everyone!

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3 Comments on “Eleven Martial Arts WordSearch Puzzles”

  1. Mark Brandenburg Says:

    Thanks Didi! I will print some of these and give them to the kids to do over the holiday break!

    • redwoodojo Says:

      Hi, Mark!
      I was doing the puzzles while my computer booted up this a.m. (old, slow computer), and I decided a couple of them were too easy, so I added more words to the 5 P’s and 5 D’s puzzles. You might want to download again if the kids are puzzle connoisseurs.

  2. […] Kids Karate Workbook recently posted a booklet of karate and martial art related wordsearches.  They’re in PDF format, one per page – nice and easy to print out for use in a dojo, […]

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